November 10, 2016

Piezo Controller

Piezo Controller

Homemade controller to play sounds


For the music course presentation at school I created an easy homemade controller which uses a computer to make music.

It’s a good way to explain to children the connection between analog and digital audio and some simple acoustic principles.

Soon I’ll upload a video about how to make a Piezo Controller by yourself in a few steps.

Attention! To make the app work you’ll need to first install the open source software Cabbage that I used to write it!

1) – Download the free open source Cabbage by clicking on the following link:

2) – Once you have installed Cabbage it will be possible to use the Piezo Controller’s App downloadable from the following links depending on your system requirements:

  • Piezo Controller for Windows:

  • Piezo Controller for Mac:

3) – Open the downloaded folder and click on PiezoController.exe (Windows) or (Mac): the app will start!